Recently the Federal Government passed the Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010. This bill is a massive change to the provision of welfare in Australia and represents an attack on the conditions and dignity of us all who are on benefits and the rest of us more broadly. This will make life for those on benefits increasingly difficult and intensify the powers of the state to interfere in the minutiae of people’s lives. But why is this happening, especially when unemployment is at historic lows?

The Assembly for Dignity/Dissenterlink group is a network of disgruntled workers, students, unemployed, people on benefits and activists which formed to understand and demystify the welfare changes, spread that information and open space to organise against them.

We are based in Brisbane.

There is also an Assembly for Dignity group in Canberra.

Click ‘What are the Changes’ for more information on the changes and what we do.

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