Public Forum this Saturday!

Thought Centrelink Was Bad? It is About to Get Worse!

Public Forum 2pm -3.30pm 16/7/11 New Farm Neighbour Centre

Over the last 12 months the Federal Government has moved to massively restructure welfare. Key to this has been the passing of legislation that allows the expansion of welfare quarantining nationally, the toughening of the powers of Centrelink to breach those on benefits, changes to Youth Allowance and the Disability Support Pension. The latest Federal Budget details the rolling out of these measures

This will make life for those on benefits increasingly difficult and intensify the power of the state to interfere in the minutiae of people’s lives. But why is this happening, especially when unemployment is at historic lows?

The Assembly for Dignity was formed to investigate and challenge these changes and assert the demand that all of us deserve lives with dignity. We will be holding an open form on the changes on Saturday 16th 2pm till 3.30 at New Farm Neighbour Centre 967 Brunswick Street, New Farm Qld 4005. All are welcome

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